Jengo will be a dad- Kennel Fahari FCI – mom:  Astoria Wazimu FCI (FAUZI KIJANI Uzuri Ridge x Kishwahili Ridgeback Dhamira). Puppies expected about 25.04.2023:)

In Kennel Lee Loo FCI 5 beautiful puppies were born – 3 boys and 2 girls – one boy is livernose:)

13 beautiful puppies were born – 7 boys and 6 girls:) 2 boys are ridgeless, everybody else standart for now:)

03.10.2021 – National Dog Show Dakovo Croatia – I, excellent, CAC, BOB, BOG1:)

Jengo fulfilled the requirements to become Champion of Croatia:)

In Kennel Djembe Meteors Jengos puppie were born – 10 beautiful puppies:)

25.11.2020 in kennel LeeLoo FCI 3 beautiful girls were born, one of them livernose:) This is a unique litter because it has pure african lines in the pedigree. It is also a very special litter to me because my both boys are in the pedigree – Jengo as a father and Topo as a grandfather:)

Jengo became a father again – in kennel Djembe Meteors FCI 9 beautiful puppies were born – 4 boys and 5 girls:)

29.05.2019 in kennel He-de Mono Rhodesian Ridgeback 5 healthy puppies were born – 2 boys (1 livernose) i 3 girls:)

18.05.2019 – International Dog Show Rzeszów – 1/2, excellent, CWC, res-CACIB:) Jengo is Champion of Poland:)

06.05.2019 Jengo became a father – in kennel “z Cygańskiego Lasu” 10 healthy puppier were born – 6 boys and 4 girls:)  – Nyawela Chillichani Jengo x Asma Xena Sawa

Today in the kennel club Jengo officialy became a stud dog:)

International Dog Show Nitra Slovakia – 1/5, Cac, res-CACIB (into full CACIB) – Jengo is a candidate for International Champion:)

International Dog Show Nitra Slovakia – 1/5, Cac, res-CACIB (into full CACIB) – Jengo is a candidate for Champion of Slovakia:)

Jengo first time in intermediate class – International Dog Show in Lublin – 1/2, excellent, CWC:) Jengo is a candidate for Champion of Poland:)

CACIB Bratislava – 1/4,CAJC – Jengo is Junior Champion of Slovakia:)

Happy birthday my beloved:)

26.08.2018 National Dog show for hunting breeds – Dobra (Nowy Sącz) – – 1/2, excellent, junior winne, best junior in breed:) Jengo is officialy Junior Champion of Poland:)

National Dog Show – Gorlice(Nowy Sącz) – junior class – I, excellent, best junior in breed, BOB, BOG1:)

excellent, Jengo was in final 12 juniors out of 24 juniors:)

Wds specialties Amsterdam: Nyawela Chillichani Jengo – 4th place/15, excellent.

1/4, junior winner, best junior in breed:)

Jengo is a candidate for junior champion of Poland:)

I, very promissing, best minor puppy in breed, BIS 2 minor puppies:)

minor puppy class – I, very promissing, BIS III minor puppies:)

I am so proud:)