D.O.B 04.09.2017

Nyawela Chillichani Jengo (Leeurif Zutu Fatoo x Imkahena Heaven’s Jumana) was brought to me from kennel Nyawela in Germany. The kennel is running by a wonderful person – Yvonne Göckel.

The name „Jengo” in Swahili means „strong, powerful” – Jengo is just like that.

Jengo has a very interesting pedigree whitch is based on pure african bloodlines.

Jengos mother is a wonderful bitch – „Flo” – Imkahena Heaven’s Jumana – whitch was imported from one of the most famous rhodesian ridgeback kennels in Europe – Imkahena – in France – the kennel is running by a georgeous person – Paula Boucher – thanks to her my beloved boy is with me now.

His father is a dog whitch lives in Greece with his familly Marou and George. He was also bred in one of the oldest and famous rhodesian ridgeback kennels in Europe – Leeurif – whitch is running by a lovely person – Emmanoula Athanassiades – who I had the opportunity to visit and meet in person.

In Jengos litter was 8 puppies – 5 males and 3 females. One of Jengos sisters is now a new member of Nyawela kennel. It was a really good litter.

My small boy has a really positive and strong character, he is not agressive and he is not afraid of anything. He is also one of the most crazy dogs I’ve ever had.

From the begining we are training obedience and handling. As for now he is doing really well.

Rhodesian ridgeback are very beautiful and wonderful breed. I can’t imagine to have any different breed. Jengo is my second rhodesian ridgeback – my first amazing boy is Topo – Glenaholm Motopo. They both are related and are representatives of similar lines.

Both boys really likes each other and this is very important to me. It is fantastic how they are close together now.

I invite you to meet Jengo.